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Advertise on techtv*

We currently offer two methods, informational slides or video commercials, for Louisiana Tech Organizations and Individuals, in relation to Tech in some manner, to advertise on the channel for free.

Benefits to Advertising on the channel

  • → Can be Seen in All On-Campus Dorms and Apartments

  • → Completely Free of Charge

  • → Rotates throughout the day for everyone to see multiple times

  • → Please Note: We only advertise for Louisiana Tech activities. No outside businesses.

Request A Slide

Please Note:

  • → All requests for an event must be a week in advance.

  • → Please allow up to 48 hours for slides to appear on the channel

  • → A form has been provided below, please fill all required information in before submitting.

  • → Already made a slide that is 800x600 with 1in clear margins? Then just send us the jpg!

Submit a video

At this time we are only accepting submitted videos. We are not available to produce/create a video for anyone at this time.

Please note:

  • Videos will be shown alongside our original programming in between movies.

  • All event videos must be submitted a week in advance to any event being advertised.

  • Each video is limited to 4 weeks.

  • Accepting only Quicktime, AVI, and WMV video files.

  • For any questions, Please contact us.

There are two easy ways to go about submitting a video to us.

First Method

You can drop the video off at our office location in the Housing Office (Harris Hall). If no one is in, please leave it with the front desk with a note detailing what we need to know. (Name, phone, additional information, etc)

Second Method

You can also mail the video to us. Please include a letter detailing what we need to know.
(Name, phone, email, times to play, additional information, etc.)
Mail to:
100 Hergot Ave
Ruston, LA 71272

***techtv* has the final say on what videos can and can not be shown on the channel***